Arrange A Truck

So you've decided to do it yourself. Good for you. But now what?

   Determine truck size

Determining what size of moving truck to rent can be tricky. Too small and you run the risk of having to make two trips, yet too big and you run the risk of your belongings bouncing and banging around while in transport. However, when in doubt - go bigger. The most common mistake made when renting a truck is that the wrong size is rented. Instead of trying to save a few dollars and risking having to make two trips, it is easier and much less stressful to simply opt for the larger size. The price difference is minimal, but in our opinion quite worth it. How to determine the right size of moving truck. 

   get some quotes


   arrange help

Convince your friends to help you out by bribing them with pizza and beer.

When it comes to moving - the more hands the better. If you are not planning on hiring movers, call you friends - now. By arranging help today and "saving the date", you are cutting down on the chances of being stuck on moving day.


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