Five Things to do When the Clocks Change

Twice a year we change our clocks for Daylights Savings, but changing the clock isn't the only thing you should be doing. 

1. Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Alarms

   This is a well known one, but it's worth mentioning again anyways. Changing the batteries only takes minutes, and it could save your life. Don't forget the carbon monoxide detectors either!  

2. Flip Your Mattress

   This is to ensure it wears evenly. Have a pillow top? No problem, simply rotate it instead of flipping it over.

3. Wash Your Pillows

   You've already stripped the bed in order to flip your mattress, why not take this opportunity to wash the thing your face spends so much time on. Oils, dead skin, drool (admit it), and dust mites accumulate on your pillows over time. 

4. Clean Your Fridge's Coils

  Simply vacuum the dust off of the coils behind your fridge. Not only will this increase the cleanliness of your home, but it will ensure that your fridge runs more efficiently, and thus save you some money. It's a win - win! 

5. Vacuum Out Dryer Vents and Ducts

   At this point, you're on a roll - and you already have the vacuum out. Vacuuming the dryer lint and dust from the vents and ducts will help to prevent dryer fires, and allow your dryer to work more efficiently (saving you more money!).