Old or New: What's Best for You?

Old Home vs New Home

When purchasing a home, home buyers are faced with countless decisions. 

Bungalow or two-storey?

Bigger house or bigger yard?

Older home or newer home?

Now it is important to note that there is no right answer. It's simply a question of preferences and family priorities. However, knowledge is key and as so we have complied a few advantages for both older and new homes. 

Pros of Older Homes

1. Old World Charm - Older homes often have a lot of character. Whether it be stained glass windows, unique architecture, or crown moulding older houses certainly boast a charming atmosphere. 

2. Location, Location, Location - Older homes are often in established communities, with mature trees, and developed landscaping. 

3. Built to Last - Years ago, homes were often built by hand, and they were often built by the family that intended to live there. For this reason, the craftsmanship and dedication was second to none. These homes are built to last.

4. Outdoor Space - Older homes are generally built on larger treed lots. This is an important aspect to consider if you value your privacy or wish to expand your home in the future. 

Pros of Newer Homes

1. Different Features - Newer homes often features that older homes may not have. This might include: Heated Floors, Granite Countertops, Glass Showers, etc. 

2. Low Maintenance - As with most things, older items start to require more maintenance and time. You're less likely to encounter any major problems when everything is newer. 

3. Functional - Newer homes have different layouts than older homes, and are often laid out with functional features such as open concept rooms, ensuite bathrooms, walk-in closets, attached garages, and more. 

4. Energy Efficient - Better windows, newer electrical, and better insulation generally make newer homes more energy efficient, which is great for both the environment and your wallet. 

Newer homes are usually more functional, but older homes offer a charm and craftsmanship that cannot be matched. Although you may have a certain style of home in mind, be sure to do your research and ensure that you're familiar with the pros and cons of each style. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it is important to make sure it meets the needs of your family and your lifestyle.