New Years Around the World

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Here in Canada watching the ball drop and celebrating with friends might be a New Years norm, but around the world it is celebrated in many different ways. Here are a few New Years traditions we found most interesting. 


Many Chinese will paint their front doors red as they believe this is a symbol of happiness and good fortune for the coming year. 

New Years Traditions


In Siberia and Russia it is tradition to send a diver into a frozen lake while holding a tree trunk in order to "plant" a tree under the ice. 


The traditional Thinbgyan festival involves people splashing water on each other in order to start the new year with a purified soul. 


Romanian farmers try to communicate with their livestock on New Years Eve. If they are successful it is said that they will have good luck for the next year. 

Funny New Years Traditions Around the World

   South africa

In Johannesburg residents hold parties and throw old appliances out the window. This represents the adage 'out with the old and in with the new'.


In Russia, one must write down a wish for the new year, burn it and then throw the ashes into a glass of champagne. They must then drink the champagne before 12:01.


In Stonehaven, Scotland they celebrate with Hogmanay celebrations. One tradition associated with this celebration is parading through the streets on New Year's Eve while swinging around blazing balls of fire. 

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Dane's spend New Years Eve smashing plates on their neighbours doorsteps in order to grant them good luck for the coming year. The more broken plates on your doorstep, the more luck you will have. 


It is believed that wearing red underwear on New Years Eve will bring love, prosperity and good luck in the new year. 


In some Peruvian villages, people spend New Years Eve fist fighting with one and other to settle any differences. The slate is then wiped clean for the coming year. 

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People often melt small pieces of lead in a spoon with a candle and then pour the liquid into cold water. By 'reading' the shape of the cooled led one can determine what the year ahead will bring. 


Spanish tradition states that in order to receive extra good luck in the upcoming year one must eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve - one each time the clock chimes. 

New Years 2018

Regardless of where or how you celebrate New Years, we wish you and your family a year full of good luck, good health, happiness, prosperity and adventure. See you in 2018! 

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