10 Houses That Resemble Everyday Objects

Shoes, toilets, cars… these are common things we all see each and everyday. It’s not everyday, however, that you see a house designed to resemble one…

1. The Toilet House - Suwon, South Korea

Welcome to Haewoojae, the world's only toilet shaped house.

Sim Jae-duck, is known to many as South Korea's 'Mr.Toilet' as he made his political career from beautifying public bathrooms. Mr. Jae-duck, now the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association (yes, apparently that is a real thing!) built this toilet-shaped home to commemorate the inaugural meeting.

Sim hopes his unique $1.1M home will spark some conversation and help to improve worldwide hygiene.

Photos: Toilography

2. The Nautilus - Mexico City, Mexico

This colourful home was built by Javier Senosiain and inspired by the works of architects Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Photos & Architecture: Javier Sensosiain

3. The Cloud House - Melbourne, Australia

4. Haines Shoe House - Hallam, Pennsylvania

Originally designed in 1948 as a form of advertising by the "Shoe Wizard" Colonel Mahlon Nathaniel Haines, this 25 foot tall and 48 foot long work boot even has a shoe shaped dog house in the backyard.

5. The Cincinnati Mushroom House

With help from his 35 students from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, architect Terry Brown created this home out of metal, wood, glass, shell and ceramics. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 1260 square foot dwelling comes complete with anthropmorphic window shapes, stained glass and tiled ceilings.

Photos: Yelp - Jamie W, Paige M

6. Space Ship - Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Designed in the UFO craze of the late 1960's this 2000 square foot home has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a retractable staircase.
A neighbour once told a funny story about the former owner who had a fight with her husband and subsequently trapped him inside the home by pulling the staircase up and then parking his truck underneath it so that he couldn't get down the stairs without damaging his vehicle!

Design & Architect: Curtis King, Photos: Zillow

7. Car Shaped Home - Salzburg, Austria

Although it may look it, this suprisingly energy efficient home is not mobile.

Photos: DVICE, Design: Markus Voglreiter

8. Dunmore Pineapple - Stirlingshire, Scotland

Now the National Trust Bank in Scotland, this 19th century building was once the home of the Earls of Dunmore. The pineapple shaped cupola that sits atop the pavillion is a whopping 14 meters high.

Photos: Scotland Now

9. Conch Shell - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Designed by bothers Eduardo & Octavio Ocampo (one of Mexico's most famous artists), this unique beach house features many ocean inspired details including sinks and faucets made from coral.

Photos: Trey Speegle

10. Boat Houses - Encinitas, California

These houses may look like they were built using reitred boats, but don't be fooled, these ships were not designed for the sea.

Architect Miles Kellogg built these homes in the late 1920's using salvaged wood from the local bathhouse and the 1888 Moonlight Beach Dance Parlor hotel that failed to survive Prohibition.