So you got your Message…

 Now the flurry begins. You have a week to do what takes others months. As an Approved and Registered Third-Party Service Provider for Brookfield Global Relocation Services I can not only help, I can get it done. As a former member of Emergency Services, I understand the demands of the job and the confines of navigating the system. I am well versed in all of the policies and paperwork that comes with your Integrated Relocation Program (IRP). But more importantly, I get it. You have 7 days to buy a home - firm.


before you get here i will:

  • Make sure I clearly understand what you like and what you don’t. What you’ll need and what you won’t. Then we will thoroughly discuss: 
    • The current market here, Buyer agency, the offer process, financing and how your IRP works if its your first HHT
    • The commute time vs the communities (schools, recreation, amenities and resources available for you and your family - dog parks, churches, trails, ski hills - you tell me what’s important)

    • Properties that meet your budget and your new educated criteria

    • The Plan - so you know exactly what we’re doing BEFORE you get here

once you're in my hands i will: 

  • Pick you up from airport or hotel, accompany you to view all selected homes and help you make a savvy choice weighing all the factors
  • Draft and negotiate the offer ensuring you understand every clause
  • Attend and coordinate the home inspection and the removal of all conditions, ensuring that you are confident about your decision before finalizing it
  • Send you on your way in better shape than I found you 

now that you're in my life i will:

  • Continue to coordinate your move with Brookfield from this end, being your eyes,ears and trusted ally
  • Ensure all problems are solved promptly to ensure a smooth close and Brookfield has all required forms
  • Follow up with you after the move to help ease the transition
  • Introduce you to anyone I think you would like to know and pop-by from time to time so you feel the love 

   by the way....

Even if you’re not moving in or out of my area, I can still connect you with other excellent agents at your destination through my vast referral network of proven Brookfield providers that my other DND clients have been happy with.

Think of me as the review system that you want but can't find!