Be a Savvy Buyer...

For most people, their home is the single biggest investment they will ever make.  The single biggest asset they will ever own. No wonder buying one tends to stress people out!

There's really no need for it to.  If you have good advice and someone who knows what they're doing in your corner, someone you can trust - it really will be fine!

So the first thing you need to understand is, having me in your corner is FREE.  You heard right. FREE.  In most cases, my fee is paid for by the Seller of the home you purchase. But that doesn't mean I work for them.  Relatively recent changes in the Real Estate industry have provided for Buyer's to hire their own representative, to act and negotiate solely in their best interests, despite being paid by the Seller.

The old days of me having to tell the Seller all of your secrets in negotiations is over! Now with the introduction of the Buyer Representation Agreement - I work for you and you alone - and am bound by law to keep everything you say to me strictly confidential.  That means I can truly be your trusted advisor without you needing to worry about your words being used against you.

I successfully completed a specialized training program and worked diligently to earn the designation of Accredited Buyer's Representative so that I can provide a higher level of service to my Buyer Clients than is widely available to them in the industry. In addition, if you're a mature client you'll be pleased to know I have specialized training in dealing with your unique needs and what we should be looking for in your next home that will help you have the retirement you dreamed of.

It starts with a 1 hour complimentary consultation where I can assess your needs and budget and you can get answers to any questions you have. If we're a good fit - you "hire" me as your Buyer's Agent.

I will search out homes that meet your criteria and budget, sending you any new listings often within minutes of them coming on the market. No more constantly scanning the internet. See something you like? I'll book and attend showings with you to suit your schedule - most times with the seller not present so you can speak and look around freely - no more randomly driving around looking for Open Houses.

When we find the one - I take care of the offer, recommend appropriate inspections and inspectors and ensure your completely confident with your purchase before we finalize the deal. Then I liaise with all the involved parties and oversee all of the transactional details to ensure a smooth, stress-free closing!

I even have awesome movers! See - no stressed-out people here!