declutter Your childs room(s)

   break it down

To ensure you are thorough, break the room into sections. This can include areas such as: the dresser, closet, toy box(s) and under the bed. 

   start with the toys

Go through each of your child's toys. If it's broken, missing pieces or hasn't been played with in over 6 months - toss it. The toys that are not broken can be sold or donated. 

   organize whats left

Once you have lowered the number of toys cluttering your childs room, organize the ones that you are keeping. Consider using toy chests, small totes, and even shoe organizers to help keep your child's room in order. 

   clothes, clothes, clothes

Now that you're done with the toys it's time to move on to the clothes. Go through the dresser one drawer at a time and then the closet. If it has holes in, is missing buttons, doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in a long time - consider it gone. The clothes that are in decent shape can be sold or donated. 

Remember the 80/20 rule - on average children only play with 20% of their toys 80% of the time.  

Do you have a little boy that just loves his racecars? Consider using mounting or magnets to keep them off the floor (and minimize your chances of stepping on one!).