declutter Your Office space

   paper, paper, paper

Create three separate piles for which to sort your papers: To Do, File and Trash. Use these piles throughout the whole office decluttering process. 

   break it down

Now that you have a system in place for all of the papers you are sure to discover while decluttering it's time to clean out your desk. Start by clearing off the top except for a few items such as a lamp, computer and printer. Then move to the drawers. 

Empty each drawer individually, sort, toss and then organize the items you are keeping. 

After the drawers make your way to any cabinets or closets you may have. 

   manage your cords

We all have a knotted collection of cords in our house that we aren't even sure we need. 

Start by untangling all of the cords and then removing the ones that you do not need. If you are unsure as to whether you need a cord or not it's better to keep it for now than to discover later that you have thrown out the power cord to a key piece of equipment. Once they are untangled, neatly wrap up and label the cords for easy identifying later. 


  • Old Calendars & Planners
  • Phone Books
  • Catalogues
  • Dried Up Pens & Markers
  • Extra Pens & Markers (these can be donated to the SPCA)
  • Old Vouchers, Coupons, Invitations, Brochures, Notepads, Business Cards and Print-Outs  
  • Cards You Have Received That Have No Sentimental Value
  • Old School Books You Will Never Use Again
  • Used Ink Cartridges (click here for how to appropriately discard)
  • Books You've Already Read and Don't Want to Display (these can be sold or donated)
  • Old Cell Phones, Cords and Accessories
  • Broken Phone Cases

Eyeglass cases, toilet paper tubes and hanging shoe organizers are great ways to neatly store your cords. While bread tags, washi tape and binder clips are great ways to label your cords should you not wish to store them.  

If you don't physically need a hardcopy consider scanning all of your documents and storing them on a hard drive or cloud based account. If you decide on a cloud-based account just be sure to save important files to more than one place in case of emergency.