Mail Forwarding

Accidents happen, and mistakes are made. It's a fact of life. So although you may have changed your address with every single person and business that has it, it is highly likely that someone didn't get the memo. 

Instead of worrying about where your mail is and who may be receiving it, just have your mail forwarded. 

It's easy, affordable and it can be set up online. 

   what you will need

  • Your current address
  • The address you wish to have your mail forwarded to
  • A credit card (for payment)
  • Government issued photo ID (if setting up mail forwarding in person at the Post Office)
  • Authorization to act on behalf of someone else (if applicable, and only if setting up in person)

costs (Within Province)

  • $54.25 for 4 months = $13.56 / month

  • $83.15 for 12 months = $7 / month