Arrange movers

So you've decided to hire movers, awesome! But now what?  

   get recommendations

What better way to find a great mover than through referrals. Ask your friends, family and coworkers if they have any recommended moving companies and their feedback. Start a list! 

   get estimates

Not just one. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving companies. Be sure to get your estimates in writing and ensure they include the estimated number of hours your move will take.


   watch out for red flags

While you are in the process of getting estimates from potential moving companies be sure to keep an eye out for red flags. For example:

  • Do they require a cash deposit? Most reputable moving companies do not ask for a cash deposit prior to the move.
  • How professional do they seem? 
  • Are they knowledgeable? Can they answer your questions? 
  • Verify their address and ensure it is listed under the company's name. Be wary about companies that are listed with a residential address. 

To be sure you are working with a professional mover, verify them here

   read reviews

Once you have narrowed your list down to those companies within your price range, it's time to start doing some background research. Reviews are a great and honest way to get a feel for the company. 


   protect yourself

Once you have a couple of moving companies that you are comfortable with it is important to verify the logistics and ensure that you and your belongings will be protected. The first step: Insurance. Ask the moving company to provide you with the insurance company's name as well as the policy number. 

Does the mover have a Worker's Compensation Board Certificate? If not, you may end up paying for employee injuries during the move. 

   get it in writing

Once you have decided on a reputable moving company, it's time to get a contract. What to include in your contract?

For more information be sure to check out the Office of Consumer Affairs' Checklist

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