When it comes time to make an offer you will be thoroughly educated on the current market.  Together we will have viewed enough homes for you to be confident in the value of the one that you are considering purchasing. I will additionally provide you with further data and information on the history of the particular home you want as well as other comparable sales.  I will explain the differences in the other properties to the subject property and how that affects value. When we know not only what the house is worth to you, but what its objective value is, together we will draft your offer making sure that your interests are protected at every step of the way.

I will then present your Offer to Purchase to the Seller, or the Seller's representative, on your behalf.  Sometimes there may be more than one offer on a property at the same time. This is known as Multiple Offers. I can guide you through this process.


Usually preferable to the Seller because it means Buyers are prepared to purchase the home without any conditions. Not particularly safe for the Buyer.


Usually means there are one or more conditions on the purchase, such as "subject to home inspection", "subject to financing" or "subject to sale of buyer's existing home".  The home is not sold until all the conditions have been met. At this time, it becomes firm and binding and the SOLD sign goes on the lawn.


An Offer to Purchase is presented to the Seller who may accept the offer, reject it, or submit a counter-offer.  The counter-offer may be in reference to the price, closing date, or any number of variables.  Offers can go back and forth until both parties have agreed to terms or either side ends the negotiations. When we have an Accepted Offer, the deposit is generally due.

If you would like more information on making an offer or on buying a home contact me.