Moving Day

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First Day In New Home


   before the movers come

  • Double check that all of your boxes are clearly (and properly) labelled and that your legend is clear and correct
  • Dismantle any remaining beds and large pieces of furniture
  • Ensure that there is a clear path to each room, clear any obstacles or trip hazards you come across 
  • Put aside any items that are not to go into the moving truck 
  • Take your kids to daycare and your pets to the petsitter or in a closed room
  • Ensure that you have enough cash to pay the movers if necessary 
  • Ensure that there is enough room in your driveway for the moving truck 
  • Make sure your car has ample fuel for the trip 

   once the movers arrive

  • Walk the Movers through your home and explain any special instructions
  • Pack your car with the items you set aside while the movers pack the moving truck 
  • Clean each room as it is emptied 


Once everything has been loaded into the moving truck be sure that you do a final walkthrough of the house. 

  • Check for any damages that may have occurred while hauling out large and awkward items
  • Double check that nothing was missed - be sure to double check the closets, stove, washer, dryer, garage, shed and attic. Check all of the drawers and behind all of the doors. 
  • Take pictures of meter readings so that you can easily compare what the utility company charges you on your final bill
  • Ensure that the lights are off, that the heat is down and that the water is off 
  • Ensure your stove is off 
  • Remove any last garbage  
  • Lock windows and doors

   new owners

It is important to remember that there will be new owners coming to live in this home, and that they do not know the house like you do. Be sure to leave your contact information with your new mailing address in order for them to forward any mail. Set out any instruction manuals, references, or notes you may have about the home as well.       

   at the new house

  • Perform an initial inspection of the home and be sure to note / take photos of any damages.
  • Take a photo of the meter reading for later reference.  
  • Be sure that all of the utilities work: flush the toilet, plug in the fridge, check the taps and turn on the lights. There is nothing worse  than finding out that the lights in your bedroom don't work at 10 o'clock at night.
  • Use the bristol board to label each of the rooms according to the legend and floor plan that you have created. Ensure the legend is in an easy-to-read location. 
  • Walk the movers through the home, explain to them your legend system and any special instructions.
  • Once the movers have emptied the truck be sure to double check that nothing was left behind. Check any other vehicles that were involved in the move while you're at it. 
  • Read the mover's bill carefully before paying. 

Be courteous of neighbours at both your old house and the new one. Try not to block driveways or sidewalks if possible, and don't leave a huge mess for the new owners either.

Welcome Home

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New House

welcome home

Once you have arrived at your new home it is important to complete the following tasks in order to ensure that both you and your family are as safe and prepared as possible. 

   first day

  • Flush all of the toilets, run the taps and check the plumbing for leaks
  • Locate the shut-off valves
  • Locate the breaker box
  • Test the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check all light switches & appliances 
  • Assemble and make the beds 
  • Begin unpacking (starting with the essentials, food, bathroom, etc.) 

   first week

  • Change the locks & have keys cut 
  • Change the garage door code 
  • Replace all toilet seats 
  • Make an Emergency Escape Plan 
  • Continue to check for damages while you unpack (be aware of the deadline for insurance claims!)
  • Confirm that your mail is arriving at your new address
  • Ensure your previous utilities have been paid for and are cancelled
  • Find new doctors, dentists, etc. 


Be sure to check for any damages while unpacking. 

Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids

   explain, explain, explain

Moving can bring up many different emotions with children including powerlessness, confusion, anxiety, excitement, etc. In order to lessen the impact of those feelings it is important to give your kids as much information as possible as soon as possible. 

If you haven't already told them, set aside a time to break the news to your kids. Explain everything in detail including why, where, when and what to expect during all aspects of the move.

Be honest with them and ensure that they know that they can always ask questions and voice their concerns. Remain positive, even if you are being asked the same questions over and over again. As you know, kids often ask a lot of questions when looking for reassurance.

   set the tone

Kids are very sensitive to how us as adults are feeling - especially their parents. Although it may be hard, try to maintain a positive attitude about the move. Don't sugar coat it, but focus on all of the benefits of this new adventure and their new home. More times than not, when you are positive your child will be as well. 


Children thrive on routine - we all know that. Routine is familiar and consistent and provides structure for your little ones. When taken out of routine children have more time to think about the upcoming move. Try to keep to your usual routine as much as possible in order to avoid unwanted stress. 

   choose a school

The schools within your the boundary of your new home are:

Palgrave Public School(JK - 8)

Humberview Secondary School(9-12)*

James Bolton Public School(1 - 5)*

Allan Drive Middle School(6 - 8)* 

St. Cornelius Catholic School(JK - 8)

Robert F Hall Catholic Secondary School(9 - 12)

* denotes French Immersion or Extended French programs. 

It is important that you verify these boundaries with the school board itself, as we cannot be responsible for incorrect school information. However by clicking on the schools above you can find contact and registration information. 

Once you have determined which school your child will be attending, talk to them about it. Go see it and point out all of the awesome things about it. Build it up and make it exciting.

   collect contact information

Give your child their own address book and let them collect the contact information of their friends and family. It is important that children feel as though they can stay connected to their old friends. 

   Include them

Giving your kids a job is a great way to complete tasks and give your kids a sense of purpose during the move. Come up with a few ideas of tasks they can help you complete and then offer them a choice of two or three of them. By keeping your child engaged and included it will help them to feel less powerless and more in control. 

Here are some different age-appropriate ideas for moving tasks: 

  • Small cleaning tasks such as wiping down counters or doors
  • Taking charge of younger siblings 
  • Making a detailed plan for new room or living space 
  • Decorating the outside of their box
  • Last minute cleaning 
  • Bring water to the movers 

   Say goodbye

Children have a hard time with saying goodbye. It may seem pointless to you, but consider throwing a goodbye party so that they can say goodbye to all of their favourite things. 

   after the move

You and your kids have been through a lot, it's time to have some fun. Take a break from unpacking and go out and explore the new town. Pick a new favourite restaurant, visit the new parks, take a trip to the library, etc.