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Decluttering Tips When Moving

Moving is a great opportunity to declutter your home. However it is big job and can feel overwhelming. Not to worry, we will walk you through each step and ensure that you are ready in time for moving day! Remember: When you're overwhelmed and you ask yourself why you're doing this, think of it this way - if you don't get rid of it, you have to move it. 


   start now

Seriously. After decluttering comes packing and all of this takes both time and effort. The sooner you finish the first step the sooner you can move on to the next. Getting started is one of the hardest parts of decluttering, so start now and give yourself as much time as possible. 

   know your options

Not everything that you discard is trash, many items can be sold or donated. Before starting to declutter ensure you have boxes set up with the following labels: 

  • Donate
  • Sell 
  • Toss
  • Recycle

This will make discarding these items to their appropriate places very quick and easy! Click on each option above for more information about what is accepted in each category. 

   Break it down

Only declutter one room at a time. If you start having boxes set up in every room of your house you will become very overwhelmed and discouraged. By sticking to one area you can cut down on the chaos, mess and stress. In larger or more overwhelming rooms, break it down by area. Declutter your closet, and then your dresser, etc. 

   set goals

Set goals for yourself, reasonable ones. Declutter under the sink tonight, the pantry tomorrow, and the fridge tomorrow. If you reach your goal, feel free to reward yourself - you deserve it. 

   invite assistance

Invite your friends over, order some pizza, drink some wine and have a good time. Maybe your friends will be interested in some of the stuff you discarding - it's a win-win.

   what to get rid of

If you're struggling with what to get rid of follow these simple rules: 

  • If it's broken - it goes. No excuses. 
  • If you haven't used it in six months, chances are you won't miss it.
  • No duplicates - they're like the plague. You don't need two of anything, get rid of it.
  • Don't keep items out of guilt.
  • Quality over quantity. It's better to have three nice dresses that you really like than ten "just okay" dresses that you never wear. 
  • Let go of sentimentality. If you have no use for it and you're not emotionally attached - get rid of it. 

If you're still in doubt, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I saving this just incase?
  • Do I have a realistic plan to use this?
  • If I were shopping right now would I buy this?
  • Do I have something else that will do the same job?
  • What else could fit into the space that this currently occupies?