Finalize Plans

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Moving Checklist

Moving day is approaching quickly, and it is time to finalize all of your details and ensure your moving plan is set in stone.


  • Babysitting and / or pet-sitting arrangements
  • Finalize how you will be moving the items that are not going in the moving truck 
  • That your utilities will be hooked up on moving day 

If you are hiring movers:

  • Call the moving company and confirm dates, times, rates and any special instructions or requests they may have

If you are moving on your own:

  • Call your friends up and remind them of the commitment they made to help you move - make sure they know what time to show up 
  • Call the truck rental company and confirm date, pick-up time, cost and payment method 
  • Finalize the details of how you will be picking up the truck - Are you leaving your car there? Do you need a ride from a friend?

   tie up loose ends:

  • Call and arrange takeout to be delivered to your new address on moving day at a certain time (trust us)
  • Fill all prescriptions
  • Empty Safety Deposit Box and secure items if moving out of area
  • Pay any remaining bills
  • Pick up clothes from drycleaner, tailor, etc. 
  • Return any outstanding library books
  • Defrost your freezer and clean the fridge