Getting Started

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Moving To a New Home

Let's face it - moving sucks. It's time confusing, stressful and often extremely overwhelming. While we would love to be able to move you to your new home with a snap of our fingers - it's a skill we have not yet developed. Instead, we have created MoveSMART; a step-by-step moving tool that will (hopefully) make your moving process as simple as possible. It's easy to use too! With easy to follow instructions, numerous tips and multiple downloadable PDF's - we're hoping MoveSMART is the only tool you'll need to navigate through the daunting process of moving. 

At anytime should you wish to return to the MoveSMART dashboard - simply click the  dashboard  button, located on the top of every page.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get started! Here are the first steps to a successful move: 

   create a moving folder

This folder will serve as a safe place to store any documents you may incur over the course of your move. These documents could include printed estimates, receipts, inventory, handwritten notes, etc. Not only will this help keep everything you might need in one place, but in some circumstances moving is a tax deductible and keeping your receipts could help you at tax time. 

We recommend either keeping a notebook in the folder, or attaching a piece of paper to it and using this as a place to record all reminders / thoughts / ideas as they come to you. You can even use it to keep a running list of expenses should you choose. If you are a visual person you may also want to print off a calendar to keep in or affix to your folder. You can use this calendar to set target dates and keep track of scheduled appointments. 

   save the date

Generally speaking, the 'Moving Day' is the day that your home closes. However in some circumstances you are afforded the luxury of being able to choose which day is most convenient for you. Regardless, pick a date and save it. It is important for booking movers, daycare,  etc. You may also need to book this day off of work; do this now to ensure no problems later on.