Plan Your New Layout

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By planning out where your furniture will go in your new house, it will not only help the movers on moving day, but it will help to ensure that you are not unnecessarily moving furniture that just won't fit. It is better to plan it out now so that if, in fact, your couch doesn't fit you will have time to sell it and search out potential new ones. The next step is to declutter your home, so find out now what will and won't fit in your new home. 

If you do not have the measurements of your new house, be sure to make a note on your folder to acquire them at your first walkthrough

Measure the doorways at your new home. Your room might be big enough to hold that King size mattress, but only if you can get it in the house first.

Can't see your furniture in your new home? Be sure to check out these Free Online Room Planners. They're easy to use and will have your new house layout planned before you even move in!

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