Start Packing

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What to Pack First

You're all set up and ready go, but what to pack?

Non-Essentials You Can Pack Right Away

  • Seasonal Clothing 
  • Holiday Decor
  • Art, Picture Frames and Decorations
  • Photo Albums and Scrapbooks
  • Throw Pillows
  • Extra Dining Sets
  • DVD's, CD's & Video Games
  • Board Games & Puzzles
  • Non-Essential Lamps & Bulbs
  • Random Cords & Electronics
  • Storage Closets 
  • Books & Cookbooks 
  • Extra Linens 

Once you have started to pack the non-essential items, it will become easier to determine what can be packed now and what needs to wait until later. Continue to pack over the next couple of weeks. Packing is always a bigger job than it seems, and it is important that you give yourself time. 

Packing can seem overwhelming and tricky. Lucky for you we have dedicated a whole section of My Move Smart to packing tips that will help you through each room of your home. Check them out here!