BATHROOM Packing Tips

   twist to lock

You know when you first bought that soap dispenser and you had to twist, push and pull all at the same time to make the pump work? This is called "Twist to Lock" and it's a great way to ensure that your soap doesn't end up all over your belongings while your moving. Simply push all the way down on the pump and then twist it into the lock position (which is generally indicated somewhere on the pump itself). 

   your razor

Place a large binder clip on the end of your razor to protect both it and yourself. 

   protect your makeup

Place cotton balls and pads in your makeup to prevent it from breaking in the move. 

   prevent leaks

Remove the lid and place saran wrap over the opening of all of your liquids and then screw the lid pack on. This will help to prevent any potential leakage. 

Packing tips by room

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