bedroom Packing Tips

   protect your mattress

If you have a mattress cover - awesome. If you don't, use a fitted sheet on each side to protect it. 

   protect your jewellery

Place a drinking straw on your necklaces to keep them from getting tangled. Then use egg cartons and press & seal to pack your jewellery. 

   don't empty the drawers

If you have heavy items in your drawers then by all means remove them and pack them separately. As for the lighter items such as intimates and shirts - just leave them and cling wrap the whole drawer. 

   protect your boots

If you are worried about the toes in your boots being crushed or damaged at all, shove newspaper, socks or packing paper into them for added support. 

   use shoeboxes

Shoeboxes are a great way to protect your designer shoes (obviously) as well as your hats. Simply stack the packed shoe boxes inside a larger moving box. 

   seasonal clothing

If you already store your seasonal clothes in boxes or totes than just keep them the way they are. If you do not, consider using comforter bags. This is also a great way to pack, you guessed it - your comforters. 

   leave your clothes on the hanger

Most moving companies will provide you with wardrobe boxes to hang your clothing in. If you did not hire movers, or your movers do not offer this service you can buy your own wardrobe boxes or simply use garbage bags. 

Packing tips by room

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