General Packing Tips

Let's not sugar coat it, packing is by far the biggest task when it comes to moving. Decluttering certainly help your cause, however preplanning and organization is the key to success. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite packing tips in order to ensure that your sanity and your belongings make it to the new house. 

   supplies, supplies, supplies

1. Make sure you have enough - it's better to have extra than to run out. For a detailed list of moving supplies and the recommended amounts visit our Moving Supplies page.

2. Keep them together. There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting where you left your scissors, and then finding the scissors and realizing you've misplaced the tape. Save yourself some unneeded frustration and invest in a small bucket or basket to keep all of your supplies in. Don't have one lying around? Use a small box or tote. Anything will work.

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   tape the bottom of your boxes - all of them

You spend an hour carefully packing your dishes into a box. You go to pick it up and move it - the bottom opens up and your dishes are shattered. It's worth it to take the extra 5 minutes and tape the bottom of each and every box. Double tape it even. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

For boxes that you know will contain heavier or breakable items, use the H or X method (or both) for taping the bottom to ensure maximum strength. 

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   plastic wrap is your friend

Seriously. The more you use plastic wrap the happier you will be. Use it to avoid emptying drawers unnecessarily, to protect furniture, prevent leaks and more! 


   clean everything

There is absolutely no point in packing dusty and dirty items. You will only be bringing that dust and dirt into your new home. Take the time to dust off or wipe down your items prior to packing them. Laundry too! 

   go room by room

Packing one room at a time will not only help to ensure less confusion when unpacking, but it will keep the chaos contained in one area. 

   number each box

As you tape up each box, number it. This way when you are unpacking you can make sure you aren't missing anything. 

   cut handles

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This is more of an optional tip, but sometimes boxes can be awkward to lift and carry. Consider cutting handles in the box (before you begin to place things in it). 

   colour code

If you only use one single tip from this entire website, please let it be this one: colour code your boxes. Buy yourself a few different coloured rolls of duct tape - one for each room in the house. Purchase some paper / bristol board that matches and then create a legend for reference. 

Do not use Red tape for any of the rooms, but instead for boxes that contain essential items. This way they will be easier to find once you start to unpack.

Tape each box with the corresponding colour of tape. Be sure to place the tape on a corner rather than the top so that it is visible on more than one side.

On moving day, affix the coloured pieces of paper to the door of the room they represent. This way everyone (including your movers) will know where each box belongs. Trust us when we tell you that no matter how many times you tell the movers where your child's bedroom is - they will not remember. 


   have a designated junk box

Make your life easier and have one box dedicated to all of those miscellaneous items that don't really have a home, the items that you find after you've packed the others, and that one item that just doesn't fit in the box with the rest. 

   pack heavier items on the bottom

Gravity can be a real pain in the butt, and you don't want any of your belongings getting crushed. 

   pack it tight

Think of packing your boxes as a puzzle or a game of Tetris. The tighter your items are packed, the more secure they will be. Extra linens, teddy bears, socks,, pillows and plastic grocery bags make great padding. 

   be aware of weight

Pack Heavy Items in A Suitcase With Wheels

If you are packing heavy items, use small boxes. It's great that you can fit all of your books into one big box, but can you carry it? Be sure to regularly attempt to lift the box your are packing in order to ensure that it does not become too heavy. 

   keep hardware together

When disassembling furniture, use small ziplock bags to store all of the hardware. Label it, and then attach it to the furniture it belongs to. No missing pieces here! 

Keep the tools that you will need to reassemble the furniture in a seperate box or container that is clearly labelled. Be sure to keep it in a safe place as we will come back to it later.

   it doesn't need to be pretty

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All that matters when packing boxes is that your items are secure. As long as that is accomplished it does not matter what the box looks like on the inside. Besides, who else going to see it but you? 

   Get everyone involved

Create a task list and divide the jobs. If a task seems too daunting, break it down step by step. 

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