Moving those awkward items


Place saran wrap under the lids on all of your liquids and spices to prevent leaking. Use duct tape to seal any open boxes you have such as pancake mix, baking soda or rice. 


Don't spend the time or effort packing your cutlery separately, simply cling wrap the whole tray and pack it just as it is. 

   artwork & mirrors

If you have heavy items in your drawers then by all means remove them and pack them separately. As for the lighter items such as intimates and shirts - just leave them and cling wrap the whole drawer. Then use large Ziplock bags to keep all of the other drawer contents together. 


There are many ways to pack your drinking glasses. One of the easiest and safest ways to do so is to wrap the glasses in paper, and then pack them in a box with dividers (such as the ones that are often found in cases of wine). 

Regardless of how your wrap your glasses, it is important to ensure that they are packed tightly to avoid them banging against each other during the move. 

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Use tape to affix appliance cords to the appliance that they belong to. 


Before you pack it, fill your slow cooker, mix master bowl and other similar items with spices and baking ingredients. Use your oven mitts or pot holders to store your sharp knives. 


Protect your plates by placing styrofoam plates between them when packing. Consider storing them vertically like records in order to optimize space and protect against breakage.