Real Estate in Ontario


That question is always immediately followed by.


But the real question is how did a born REALTOR® become a paramedic?

As a third generation REALTOR®, my passion for real estate came naturally and started early. My grandmother (the coolest person I’ll likely ever know) was a magnate in the industry before it really even was an industry, and I was barely a teenager when it became evident cloning is in fact possible in humans. It was not only likely then, that I would follow in her footsteps, it was assumed.  Thus, never one to do the expected.. I took a detour.

 So before becoming a full-time REALTOR®, I spent almost a decade being invited into people’s homes as a Paramedic and Field Training Officer with Toronto EMS.  I acquired a wealth of diversified experiences that shaped me, and a knack for genuinely empathizing with others. I learned patience, lots and lots of patience, how to not just listen but to actually hear and how to solve any problem - 10 different ways in 15 seconds or less. I negotiated people off the ledge - literally.  I thrived under pressure, deadlines and sleep deprivation. I mastered dealing with people at the most stressful moments of their lives and developed the art of guiding them through misinformation and their own dark fears, into the light of making good decisions that were uniquely best for them and their family.

 Combine that with the experience of buying, selling, renovating and flipping houses; toss in a few years of Commercial Property Management in my early 20’s, and the pull of my destiny was too strong to ignore.

 Transitioning my skills was almost seamless as the parallels were plenty. 

 My success in real estate has come from a blend of skill, on-going training and a unique sense of what clients really want. My personable honest approach, keen business sense and uncompromising integrity empowered me to ensure my client’s expectations were not merely met, but exceeded.  Every time.  All the time.  I promise less - delivered more.

 After continuing on to Broker level, I earned the prestigious designations of Senior Real Estate Specialist, and Accredited Senior Agent gaining specialized training and insight into how to cater to the unique problems facing mature homeowners and their families - of which I had seen first hand years before.

 Then on to my Accredited Buyer’s Representative designation so as to be better armed in negotiations in today’s hot multiple-offer market and to offer my Buyers a higher level of duty and care than was widely available to them.

 But the fire really began to burn hot when I became frustrated by the money being left on my Seller’s tables because their homes weren’t being shown to their full-potential. I took it as a personal a-front.  A failure if you will, to give them the very best. Even if they couldn’t see the loss, I could.  Frustrated with the quality of staging available, I began to take it on myself.  I paired my knowledge of interior decorating with my up-to-the-minute knowledge of what my Buyers were not only looking for - but what they’d actually pay more for.  Sale prices rose beyond expectations.  Promise less. Deliver more.

 The rest as they say is history.  I’ve built a booming business that thrives solely on referrals and word of mouth.  You won’t see my face on a bus bench because it’s not about me; and if you have patience, genuinely care, know your stuff, tell the hard truths and provide a service that far surpasses anything the competition can touch - you don’t need to.