Hire movers? or do it yourself?

Most people assume that skipping movers and moving everything themselves is a far cheaper route. But is it really?

Hiring Movers                                           Doing It Yourself

   pros                                                     pros

  • They disassemble, wrap, lift, load, unload, and reassemble your large heavy items
  • They have their own equipment and truck 
  • They have insurance against broken belongings in the event of an accident 
  • Most companies have wardrobe boxes for an easy way to pack your closet
  • They are generally more efficient 
  • You have total control of your move 

   cons                                                      cons

  • Less flexibility in your move (Less control over how the truck is packed, starting times, etc.)
  • Impersonal - it can be hard to pass over your belongings to people that you don't know 
  • Beware of minimum charges, if your move is only going to take two hours be prepared to pay for four
  • You're on your own for lifting that heavy couch and that massive king size mattress
  • You have to find a truck to rent
  • You have to find your own (trustworthy and reliable) help, and ensure that they will show up 
  • You have no insurance for broken or misplaced items 
  • Are you comfortable driving a moving truck?
  • A lot more planning is involved

   costs to consider                                costs to consider

  • Movers
  • Truck Rental 
  • Truck Fuel
  • Truck Insurance
  • Beer & Pizza for Helpers

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