"The First Person I Call For Advice"

"As a first-time homebuyer, I was nervous to navigate the complicated real estate market on my own. As I began to contact sales agents to arrange for viewings of their listed properties, each was eager to show me the property and to determine if I had representation. It was at this time that I came across the services of Dianna Harper, who upon discovering I was new to the market, took the time to send me invaluable information about the services that a buyer’s agent could provide and offered to meet me in my neighbourhood at my convenience. This initial service, offered without any obligation on my end to follow through, set Dianna apart from the rest. The search for my new home did not take very long. Dianna listened so attentively to both the things that I liked and disliked that my time was not wasted looking at unsuitable properties. With each house that we viewed, Dianna was able to refine the search for additional properties as she learned more about my preferences and me. While looking at properties, Dianna was never afraid to give me an honest perspective or to get dirty; she was on her hands and knees, exploring all the nooks and crannies of each home that I am positive most other agents would overlook. Through the excitement of seeing each property, to signing my first offer, to dealing with unexpected issues with the house inspection, to delivering lunch on moving day, Dianna was there. She continues to play a major role in my house-buying adventure – when my furnace broke one month to the day that I moved in, Dianna was the first person I called for advice. Her connections to the community and willingness to share information and resources are only part of the reason that I continue to recommend her services to my colleagues, friends and family without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. "
- Leigh McComb - Orangeville, ON