"I got $50,000 over asking!"

Keswick Real Estate First Responders

"From the day you meet Dianna you get this feeling of trust. Allowing her to just do what she does, not only enabled me to get $50,000 over asking, it also allowed me to be "living the dream" in my new home. 

Once I saw the transformation of my house while it was prepared to sell, it felt entirely like a brand new home. The work was impeccable, from the lighting to the use of space. Even the neighbours with the same model home thought it was bigger inside...



With all the hard work Dianna and her crew put in, I couldn't ask for more. From renos to staging. It's a true talent and I can't thank her enough!! 

We all have a friend or family member who is/knows an agent, but they do not do the type of work that Dianna does. And as a client, I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out! So, whether you're a person looking to buy or sell or even part of the emergency services family, her #IVEGOTYOURBACK911 speaks volume. 

When you're buying or listing with Dianna Harper, she truly has your back! 

Thanks again for all the hard work!" 

                        - Chris K. - Keswick, ON

First Responder Discounts Real Estate

“We couldn’t have done it without her”


“When my husband and I were expecting our 2nd child, we knew we needed a bigger home but were so nervous of where and how to begin the process. Meeting Dianna was the best thing that ever happened. She advised and taught us so much throughout the whole experience and housing market. She was able to find our dream home and sell my old home just a couple days before giving birth. We couldn't have done it without her.”

-Jeff & Laura Dear - Orangeville, ON

Biscayne Crescent Orangeville

"She goes way beyond 'walking the walk'"

Dianna Harper PTSD Awareness

"There are no words to properly convey what Dianna, Scott and the team provide for their clients.  She goes way beyond 'walking the walk'.

As a family that has been touched by PTSD, the idea of selling a home requiring some improvements in a location that has a track record of homes on the market for up to 2 years on average prior to sale -- nothing was less appealing and more stressful.  Needing highest return in the shortest turnaround period is not uncommon, but winter was coming, and already living in a new home 5 hours away kept us from looking forward to winter maintenance during the sales process.

Dianna and Scott literally went out of their way to make the necessary improvements making the house the best it could be for the price point.  Their consideration for timing, noise, expense, any inconvenience especially in reference to PTSD left us speechless.  

The number of showings booked was off the chart for the area.  We received and accepted what we felt was the best possible offer, and our house sold within a week of listing.  

Dianna was available every step of the way to patiently answer EVERY question, to counsel, to recommend, and basically to hold our hands through any rough patches when we needed it.  Truly, you could not ask for a better realtor, or friend.  We can never express our gratitude fully for the help and care Dianna, Scott and Courtney gave.  Dianna Harper's name is the first thing off my lips as soon as anyone mentions they are thinking of listing their home.”

                                                         - Krys and Doug - formerly of Sudbury, ON

I want to sell my house and don't know where to start

"What More can you ask for in an agent?"

Best Real Estate Agent Orangeville Area

“It’s been our great pleasure to experience Dianna Harper at work both buying and selling homes for my husband and I.
Dianna is conscientious, well-trained and educated in all phases of Real Estate. She is honourable beyond reproach. She never promises anything she can’t deliver. Most importantly she listens!
Dianna never gives up until YOU get what YOU want! What more can you ask for in an agent?”

— Joy Erwin - Caledon, ON             

Looking to Downsize

"Her 'can do' attitude will garner you success!"

Brookfield Relocation CAF

“I had the pleasure of working with Dianna for both the purchase and sale of a home. As a member of the CAF it is imperative that my realtor have a firm understanding of the Brookfield Relocation policies. Dianna’s appreciation of the regulations was exemplary! She was there to guide me through both the purchase and sale of the home ensuring that all was done on the “Brookfield terms”. Not only a knowledgeable and competent individual Dianna is extremely personable. Her no nonsense approach to finding a home, combined with her strong sense of determination was the key to success on a 7 day house hunting trip. Dianna’s professionalism and dedication to her profession should be emulated by other realtors. I highly recommend Dianna to anyone looking to either buy or sell property. Her “can do” attitude will garner you success!”

— LCol Hanrahan - Caledon, ON

Canadian Military Brookfield Service Providers Real Estate

“she was wonderful to work with”


“I am impressed with Dianna’s work ethic and how hard she worked to ensure we were taken care of, she was wonderful to work with. We met her through a friend who listed with her and recommended her highly. She put a lot of effort and time into searching and ultimately finding the perfect home for our family. Her and her team, from contractors to cleaners to stagers to photographers are very personable and took the time to understand what our needs were and would always take the time (night or day, only a text away) to book us a showing, talk about our options and explain anything we didn’t understand. Dianna is an excellent agent, exactly what we were looking for, straight forward, aggressive, competitive yet honest. Her top priority is the satisfaction of her clients, and that always shines through. I would (and have) recommend her as an agent to family and friends.”

- Katie Klucowicz - Orangeville, ON

First Responder Commission Incentives Real Estate

“She's the perfect solution we should all be fortunate enough to find."

Staging Realtors in Ontario

"'Infinite' is the word I would use to describe Dianna, Scott and Courtney. Infinite effort, energy, guidance, determination and dedication. Their caring demeanors and gentle direction helped to take such a life altering situation such as the one I found myself in, and get the work done right, and set me on the right path. Words cannot explain how Dianna instinctively steps forward to make sense of everything. She turns 'hard and complicated' into 'sensible and easy'. Whether it be Real Estate or day-to-day life, Dianna wears a life preserver on her sleeve. She provides constant guidance to get you from Point A to Point Z the best way possible. She is an absolute specialist, one of a kind and the perfect solution we should all be fortunate enough to find.

Dianna's process of saving me from standing in my own way was the 911 call I will never forget. She has a unique and realistic way of working with her clients.  If needed, she helps you clear your own road blocks thus making the 'dull and drab' look and feel 'fresh and fancy' and adding perspective to your home - and life if you’re lucky.  

Waterfront Properties in Orillia

I know one thing is for certain, before you have a chance to breathe the work is done, the band aid is ripped off and you are on your way to success. You’ve barely blinked and then, viola, your world is a better place.

At a point in my life where the bottom was a speck at the deepest end of loss and confusion. A referral to Dianna was a spark of hope. With every day, every packed box, every good piece of advice and every real estate discussion, my life turned around. I had a new advisor, confidant, friend, trusted Realtor®, and most importantly a new family surrounding me who genuinely cared. Without a doubt, the day Dianna came to see me for the 1st time, was the day I was rescued from myself and the rubble crumbling around me. 

Infinite. I am infinitely grateful for Dianna, Scott and Courtney for being who they are and doing what they do - because that's what they do best. Not only did they have my back….they showed me how to find my feet!"

- Amanda W - Orangeville, ON

Sold Over Asking Orangeville

“Many, Many thanks!”

Briar Hill Real Estate Alliston

“Dave & I want to thank you for your work, guidance through the offer negotiations, staging, checking on the house, etc. You all did so much to make the listing and selling a success.

Many, many thanks and we both with you all the best for your future in the real estate ‘game’.”

-Wendy & Dave Manuliak

"she does it right!"

Real Estate By Highway 9

"Dianna's the best! My wife and I have known Dianna for many years, personally and professionally, and have worked with her on a number of different projects, both professional and humanitarian. She takes great care of her people! She is highly professional, highly competent, and takes great pride in delivering the best for her clients and the people around her. She listens creatively, has a phenomenal staging eye, is a professional negotiator, misses nothing on a contract, and moves a process methodically and skillfully. She does it right! It's a joy and privilege to work with Dianna, and to call her a friend."

- Jae & Kellie Elliotson - Tottenham, ON

"we were pleasantly surprised"

Buy A Cottage In Ontario

"Dianna went above and beyond our expectations for a realtor. It was difficult to choose a realtor, but in our experience with Dianna  we were pleasantly surprised along the way by her understanding, thoughtfulness, and care. These qualities went hand in hand with a high degree of professionalism, and an experienced knowledge of real estate. She was there for us and worked very hard to keep things moving forward and running smoothly and did not miss a detail. We were very happy with our experience and the outcome of our transactions, and would not hesitate to recommend her services to those we know."

- J and M Van Dyken - Caledon, ON 

"They make things happen"


"Dianna and Scott are a dynamic duo. They make things happen and are an integral part of the preparation before, during and after the sale of your home. Our home was beautifully staged and sold within the time frame we needed."


- Daryl & Rowena - Aurora, ON

Harper Homes Team - Cottage Real Estate Team

"we not only found the best agent, we found a friend"

Trustworthy Real Estate Agent Headwaters Ontario

"Working with Dianna has been more of a pleasure than words can explain. From day one, she became a part of our family, and with her professionalism, expertise and confidence, her opinion became just as important as mine and my wife's.  

She sold our very first home at $20,000 more than we expected to receive. Then she sold our current new construction house for $66,000 more than 3 other agents had appraised the house at.

A wave of trust filled the room when she came over and ...

... reassured us of our first re-sale home purchase.  There’s no shortage of surprises, comfort, trust and integrity with Dianna.  Our showings came to the point of believing we were meeting a friend. Always a good honest time and despite our "specific" ideal house, Dianna never gave up on us. From early morning new listings emails to the last text of the night, we always felt in touch and there wasn't one stone unturned by her. Her honesty was reassuring as we look back now and know we could have made some bad decisions on "settling" for a home to purchase. Her constant drive kept us believing that our perfect house was out there somewhere, and little do you know, she found it. A house that our family can now call a home thanks to her.

As clients, I'm sure we had our moments of panic, frustration, anxiety and loss motivation.  Not once did Dianna ever follow that train. Even as negotiations went on into a multiple offer situation, she had the sass to walk into someone else's comfort zone and environment and make it her own. A day never went by in which she wasn’t excited or positive at seeing a new listing. She became a part of the battle for us and led the reigns when we needed her too.

Our children look forward to her coming over wanting to show her their new accomplishments and toys. Her sense of approval valued due to her finesse and flawlessness.  Through 2 sales and 1 purchase, the services didn't stop there. As she knew what to look for during the home inspection, helped with pushing forward our financing and pretty well held our hand until the last t was crossed the last  i was dotted...

Hiring Dianna, we did not only find the best agent, we found a friend, family member and someone to call who will always pick up on the other end of the line..."

- AJ Cappuccitti - Orangeville, ON

What to look for when buying a cottage


Realtors Near Me

"I cannot say enough good things about Dianna Harper. She is professional, helpful, trustworthy, knowledgeable, up front and she treats you like her own family when it comes to looking after you.

Last year I needed to sell my own home just outside of the city, buy another one up north and consecutively sell my 84 year old father’s house in Toronto so he too could move up north with me. Dianna’s guidance and help throughout all three events was a godsend!

My own home had been on the market for over a year when I purchased it three years earlier. With Dianna Harper’s suggestions and help, my house presented so beautifully that it sold...

... in 7 days for 100% of the asking price which was $40,000 over what the other agents had said I would get! I was so happy that it was such a painless, successful experience!

Greatest Realtor Ever

Since my new home purchase was quite a ways up north, Dianna made an excellent recommendation of a local agent that enabled me to make a wonderful purchase for exactly what I was looking for. Once again proving that Dianna always has your best interest at heart.

Thanks Dianna Harper, Toronto Realtor & Stager

The sale of my dad’s house was the ultimate. Dianna Harper looked after us as if it was the sale of her own father’s house. With almost 50 years of living in the house to sort through, it was a daunting and very emotional process. During this time, we had had several private buyers approach my father and try to undercut him by at least $150,000, way below the market value of the house. Little did they know that Dianna Harper was looking after us! My father’s house sold for 99% of asking and sold the same day! The FOR SALE sign and SOLD sign were about 15 minutes apart!!! It was such a great relief for my dad and for me. Thank you Dianna Harper!

If you are looking to sell or buy, you must work with Dianna Harper! It will be the best experience you will ever have. She is amazing!! She is a problem solver and treats you with respect and easily becomes a friend in the process. I would recommend her without reservations to anyone I cared about to sell or buy their homes with. I know they will be well looked after!"

   - Barb Pauk - Toronto ON

"She genuinely had my back"


"Dianna is by far the most GENUINE realtor I've had the pleasure of working with. She was not my buying agent at the time I purchased my property and suffice it to say I was cautious and weary after my first experience. My very first call with Dianna had already superseded all of my expectations as she called me back within minutes of my leaving her a voicemail. She was very friendly over the phone and she started off simple and straight forward. She asked me a couple of simple questions to get some context on the property and my expectations and then set up a time to go see the property and go over next steps, her very last words over the phone were carefully selected as "We will sell your unit at the highest price it can go for". She kept that promise...

Should I fix my house before I sell it?
Should I paint my house before I fix it?

...Let the record show, if there's one thing I learned about Dianna in our first face-to-face encounter, she ALWAYS comes prepared. She did her research on neighbouring properties and comparable units and came in with a reasonable expectation for what I could list my property for. And contrary to all the "experts" I knew (friends, acquaintances, colleagues, what have you...) telling me I would lose money having only owned the property for 1 year, Dianna told me, with proof in her hand, my property would sell for a much higher amount than what I was expecting. We agreed to list the property in July after my tenants at the time were out of the property, however, the market took a hit in April. The reason Dianna is the best realtor is not because the world is perfect and your property always goes for a beyond-your-imagination listing, it is because Dianna knows how to deal with an imperfect market, make the best of the situation and still sell your property for the highest possible price. The housing market dropping is just about every home-owner's biggest fear, Dianna called me proactively to let me know what had happened in the market, the impact of that on our current plan, and how to react with it. Despite the hit, Dianna was able to reassure me and minimize any stress I had about the situation; It was comforting to know my realtor genuinely had my back and cared about well-being and best interests. Fast forward to July and we listed my unit in the market, Dianna kept me updated with play-by-plays of each showing and the feedback being received. It was INCREDIBLY satisfying to actually know what was going on. All in all, Dianna got my house sold for the highest price it could've gone for at the time in the shortest possible time frame which is all I could have wanted or asked for. The whole experience was made as least stressful as possible having Dianna on my side, and I know that not many agents would have been able to do the same, nor aim to make my peace of mind their priority at all. My only regret is I didn't know Dianna sooner."

- Abdallah Nagib - Mississauga, ON

Dianna Harper Muskoka Realtor

"if I could have brought her with me on my hht I would have"

HHT & House Hunting Trip

“I was lucky enough to work with Dianna to both purchase and sell my first home. Under significant time constraints in both cases, she came through me. If I could have brought her with me on my HHT at my new location I would have. She is a fantastic real estate professional. "

— Craig Bradshaw - Barrie, ON


"You made a miracle happen"

Sold Over Asking in Orangeville

"Dear Dianna and Scott, 

As we approach Christmas and all the wonders and magic of this wonderful time of the year I want to take the time to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the miracle you made happen in my life this year. 

Your outstanding professionalism, relentless perseverance, positive attitudes, humour, skillful judgement and execution made what initially was an insurmountable and daunting task to a done deal and sold. 

No words could come close to describe how significant and instrumental your actions were in the positive outcome and all the wonderful changes that occurred in my life as a result." 

                                                          - Joan K - Orangeville, ON

Buying a Home in Muskokas

"I enjoyed your can do approach"

Brookfield Realtor, Military Relocation Service

"I would like to thank Dianna for providing such immediate service on short notice to assist me in acquiring a real estate agent in Edmonton for my HHT. The real estate agent was first rate and he too provided excellent service towards purchasing my new home within five days. I enjoyed her can do approach and checking in on a regular basis until the deal was signed."

                                                          - LCol Rick Palfrey, Edmonton 


"DIanna is the first person I call for advice"

Golden Retrievers

“As a first-time homebuyer, I was nervous to navigate the complicated real estate market on my own. As I began to contact sales agents to arrange for viewings of their listed properties, each was eager to show me the property and to determine if I had representation. It was at this time that I came across the services of Dianna Harper, who upon discovering I was new to the market, took the time to send me invaluable information about the services that a buyer’s agent could provide and offered to meet me in my neighbourhood at my convenience. This initial service, offered without any obligation on my end to follow through, set Dianna apart from the rest. The search for my new home...

Packing & Moving
Pet Friendly Home

...did not take very long. Dianna listened so attentively to both the things that I liked and disliked that my time was not wasted looking at unsuitable properties. With each house that we viewed, Dianna was able to refine the search for additional properties as she learned more about my preferences and me. While looking at properties, Dianna was never afraid to give me an honest perspective or to get dirty; she was on her hands and knees, exploring all the nooks and crannies of each home that I am positive most other agents would overlook.
Through the excitement of seeing each property, to signing my first offer, to dealing with unexpected issues with the house inspection, to delivering lunch on moving day, Dianna was there. She continues to play a major role in my house-buying adventure – when my furnace broke one month to the day that I moved in, Dianna was the first person I called for advice. Her connections to the community and willingness to share information and resources are only part of the reason that I continue to recommend her services to my colleagues, friends and family without hesitation and with great enthusiasm.”

                                                       — Leigh McComb - Orangeville, ON


Real Estate Keswick

"Dianna Harper’s artistic flair and her tough negotiating skills got us not more that our asking price, but the highest price for any other house that had sold in our neighborhood. The house was purchased almost immediately in the first hour by the first people who came to see it. 

You owe it to yourself and your family to have the best realtor on your home Team. That is Dianna Harper. Our home team A+++++ Realtor."

- Rennet & Gord - Keswick, ON


"Dianna went the extra mile"

testimonials #ivegotyourback911

"I recently purchased a home with Dianna. It was a very competitive market, and multiple offers were presented.  Dianna went the extra mile to ensure that I got exactly what I was looking for and knew just what to do to ensure that I won the bidding war.  Her dedication and commitment to me as a client was beyond all of my expectations.  The entire experience was extremely positive and stress free.  Not only would I never look for another real estate agent again, but also I recommend Dianna to anyone who is thinking of purchasing or selling a home.  I cannot say enough about the expertise, attentiveness, warmth and professionalism Dianna brought to this process. Thank you Dianna! "

- Gary Staples - Orangeville, ON

"She is pretty much perfect"

Sell Bed & Breakfast Ontario #ivegotyourback911

"Dianna Harper was recommened to us, by a fairly biased neighbour,  Her mother! We know most mothers think their family members are pretty special, but decided we had nothing to lose by meeting her. It did not take 5 minutes in her presence to know beyond question, that Dianna was the person for us. I suspect that we are among many who had that immediate connection, but she made us feel as though we were the most interesting people with the greatest place to sell. And then set out to sell our unique home for us.

Her eye is sharp, her opinions are tactful but valid and her knowledge is endless; but most importantly she is sincere, dedicated, hard working and pretty much perfect."

     - Diane & Rudi Machel - Mount Forest, ON

Machel Strip.png

"I wish we could take her to Nova Scotia with us!"

Realtor Reviews Georgina

"My husband and I were both very impressed with Dianna's professionalism and patience.  She and Scott did such a wonderful job getting our house ready for sale, and was right beside me all the way through my own personal issues.  I am always telling everyone that I meet of what a great experience we had (even though the market had dropped), and how pleased I was with the results.

I wish her all the luck in the future and wish we could take her to Nova Scotia with us! Thank you."

- Barb & Fred Hawthorne - Keswick, ON

Hawthorne Strip.png

"My home sold in 5 days for way more than the other agents had said"

Real Estate Caledon East, Country Properties

"Dianna had been referred to me by a colleague when I was going to sell my home. They spoke very highly of her and now so do I. She was professional, attentive and most importantly she really seemed to care. I interviewed two other “high profile” agents in my area and she won my business because of her honesty and her confidence that she could get me more than the others. My home was staged beautifully and her suggestions that I completed prior to listing were bang on! My home sold in 5 days for way more than the other agents had said it would and her service was top notch. She returned all my phone calls promptly and coached us every step of the way. I am a thoroughly satisfied client who raves about her to all of my friends now! Thanks Dianna.”

- Tim Jackson - Caledon, ON

"she's the best of the best!"

Real Estate Alliston / New Tecumseth

"What can I not say about this amazing and talented women. Not only is she a guru of real estate market, she will transform your house so anyone will fall in love with it. When I first met Dianna I was a newbie about selling. Dianna took the time to answer all my questions day or night. That was one of the best things I loved about her. Know matter what, you could always get a hold of her. She walked me through step by step of the selling process, and made me feel very comfortable about selling my house. Not only did I use Dianna to sell my house, I hired her and her amazing team to stage my house. At first...

Real Estate Erin Ontario

... I was hesitant about this, but I am sooo glad that I did. Not only did this increase the value of my home, the end result was so beautiful I didn't want to move! After all was said and done I am so grateful for all that Dianna and her team has done for me. I can now call her my friend! If your looking for the best of the best Dianna is your choice!"

- Christina S. - Alliston, ON

"my first and only choice"

Family Friendly Move

“If you want everyone who looks at your house to fall in love with it, Dianna Harper should be your first and only choice. Dianna helped me with the sale of my house and the purchase of my new home during one of the most difficult times in my life. Not only did she offer me friendship and support, her team finished a reno in my house, sold it with multiple offers for well over list price in a day!, and found the perfect new home for me and my kids. If I ever move again, my choice for a realtor is already made. Just be careful, once she’s done staging your home you won’t want to sell!”

— Melissa Bradshaw - Keswick, ON

"You never disappoint!"

Get My House Ready to Sell

“We had 4 agents come to give us an appraisal of our house and all 4 said we’d never see a penny over $499000 while showing us comparables that had 3 bedrooms, while we have 4, including homes which sold only having half the upgrades we had. Dianna came over with comparables that actually compared with our home and said that we can list at $569500. She came in to stage our house and did a fantastic job! 22 days later we sold our home for $67000 more than the 4 agents said we’d ever see. Great job Dianna!!!!! You did an amazing job prepping, staging, advertising, showing and negotiating. I’m a hard person to please but you never disappoint.”

— Kasia Cappuccitti - Orangeville, ON

Orangeville Real Estate Reviews

"Sold for $238,000 over asking"

Brookfield Relocation Real Estate Agents Borden

"So, take one 1867 house, mostly left to rot for decades, in a little hamlet miles from any flourishing economic activity, and mostly still full of the furniture it had when the stable out back was full of carriage horses. Needing countless dollars worth of fixing up. Put a match to it? Or hand it over to Dianna? Flipped a coin and took the latter option. Sold for $238,000 over asking. That’s Dianna Harper."

- I Morrison, Sutton ON 

"she went above and beyond"

Real Estate Newmarket

“Dianna led me through the sale of my home and the purchase of my new one. She got me a sale price above my asking and a purchase price that was fair and realistic, and she was able to get the vendor to agree and adjust accordingly. She’s a tough negotiator and I was grateful to have her on my side! As tough as she is she was honest and ethical throughout the process. She went above and beyond for me, the sale happened fast and I’m enjoying my new home. My tip for you reading this... invest in the staging!”

— Leo Rosswill - Newmarket, ON

"professional, personal, perfect"

Real Estate Sutton

“I recently decided to to sell my home, and asked Dianna to come and discuss my options with me. From the start she was professional and extremely knowledgeable about the market. She gave me advice on how to get my home ready to list, how to show my home to its best advantage. She answered all and any questions I had. She kept in touch all the time, letting me know what was happening with my home. She kept me informed about all showings and all feedback from the agents who came through my home. She was fabulous absolutely fabulous. We listed my home above the price I had in mind, and sold within 7 days! I sat back and let Dianna handle everything with a smile on my face. She even supplied the boxes for me to pack with! I would and have recommended her to everyone I know. If and when I ever need an agent again....Dianna is the ONLY person I shall ever call. Dianna Harper is the best agent in the world as far as I am concerned. Professional, Personal, Perfect” 

— Patricia B - Brampton, ON

"she can transform your real estate experience"

Income Properties & Investments

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Dianna Harper as our real estate agent. Having bought and sold houses before this was an experience that was completely unexpected! Professionalism, enthusiasm, patience, and most importantly RESULTS! Are a few words that come to mind. But there was a difference, going beyond expectations does not describe it, you need to experience it to really understand how Dianna’s team can transform your real estate experience.” 

— Richard & Sarah Boothroyd - Orangeville, ON

Sold Over Asking

“We Couldn't be happier”

Renovations & Staging

“We can’t thank you enough for all that you did helping us find our new home! We’ve been busy over the past few months unpacking and making this “our” home. We even decided to finally expand our family… with a new puppy!

We couldn’t be happier! The house is perfect, everyone on the street is so kind - and the beach is a wonderful bonus!”

- Stephanie & Josh Walton - Georgina, ON

"Your advice was invaluable to us"

SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist

“We feel that we would like to express our sincere pleasure with the manner that you so effectively used in the preparation and sale of our home at 42 Upper Highlands Drive.... We were quite impressed with your caring attitude and prompt attention to our concerns that inevitably cropped up during the experience. Your advice was invaluable to us, - and turned out to be quite accurate as well.

The act of selling your home and moving can be quite stressful as you well know...


...and it’s wonderful to have a Real Estate Agent that can help you “over the bumps” while still maintaining the professionalism that is so necessary to a successful outcome. We would highly recommend that anyone...who is thinking of selling their home - make the wise choice of calling Dianna Harper.

They would never regret it.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Bradford - Brampton, ON

SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist

"she's in a league of her own"

Home Foreclosure

I would highly recommend Dianna Harper for those considering doing business with her. She is a real professional in the Real Estate world and I would trust her with any of my clients as I know she is the best. Dianna is always there to help, guide and share wholeheartedly her expertise and knowledge beyond just real estate because she cares about people which put’s her in a league of her own. I appreciate working with her and always look forward to a coffee with her. Thanks so much Dianna!”

— Mike Chronowich - Toronto, ON

"Dianna always had our best interest at heart"

Buying and Selling in Ontario

“Dianna Harper helped us buy our first home this summer. From our first meeting to the day of closing, Dianna always had our best interest at heart. She was always available for our questions and we benefited from her guidance in buying the home that truly reflects the both of us. Her commitment and dedication throughout is truly appreciated. We definitely would, and do, recommend her services to all our friends and family.”

— Andy & Malinda daSilva - Orangeville, ON


"I Could not have considered another Agent"


"I just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done to help me through the dealings with my house. You could not have been more professional and on point with regards to both the purchase in 2013 and the recent sale this past June. You were there at the right time to advise me on the purchase and the conditions that protected me from a bad deal and made the whole process seamless…and we did very well on the initial price. Fast forward to May 2016 and I could not have considered another realtor to help me through the selling process. Your advice on staging, your preparation and marketing and your brokering of the deal all led to a crazy fast sale…and for over asking! I would never have thought that the place would have sold in less than a few days…yes the market timing was ripe and you indicated this…and your advice on list price was spot on…and that resulted in the quick sale with no conditions and a whopping $85K profit! Touché girl…you rock! If I ever decide to buy again anywhere in Ontario…or even BC for that matter…I will be calling on you. Many thanks and hope you continue to have great success."

- Darren Greaves - Glen Huron, ON 

"she is a miracle worker"

Real Estate Grand Valley

“When we needed to sell our house, we knew it would be difficult. 
Dianna met with us, explained all of our options and patiently answered all of our questions. No pressure. We loved her!
She made a list of suggestions for us, staged our house and showed it over and over until it sold for more than we expected. All of our neighbour's homes were ...

...still on the market when we moved out!

But it doesn’t end there!

Sold - Deemert 8 - Web.jpg

She listened to what we said we wanted in our new home, advised on resale concerns and didn't stop until she found "the one".
We refer all our friends and family to Dianna now and would never dream of making another move without her. ”

— Christine & Ian D. - Grand Valley, ON

“She took a huge weight off of my shoulders”

Estate Sales & Moving Seniors

I must thank Dianna for the role she played in selling my parents house. After 55 years the home needed some love. Her team was able to clean, paint, garden and stage it in order to show the home in its best light. They even repaired the front walkway helping immensely in the presentation.

She put an incredible amount of effort in to the transaction and helped me out a great deal by sorting out any problems that arose. She worked with my lawyer to help sort out the estate and any requests for additional information. I must also commend her on her knowledge of the location real estate market - she knew when to sell and at what price. Losing my mother and selling her house could have been much more stressful than it ultimately was - thanks to Dianna. She took a huge weight off of my shoulders and I was able to focus on other aspects of my mother’s passing. Thank you!

- Don Smith - Caledon, ON