I never assume, even if we've worked together before, that you know or remember all of the ins and outs of the Selling process. We will go over the steps from start to finish and over the paperwork paragraph by paragraph, in plain language, so that you are confident with what you're signing.


At our Initial Consultation I will work to understand your motivations for moving, time lines, financial constraints and personal issues that might play a part in the decision making process to make sure we not only sell your home, but make an overall plan that is in your best interests long term. 


It starts with a no-obligation, no pressure consultation that usually lasts about an hour.  With your consent, I take photos of your home as you give me the grand tour.  Relax! They’re not for MLS - they’re for me to see how your home looks through the camera lens. When all of your questions are answered, we’ll schedule a convenient time for me to come back after I’ve had an opportunity to delve deep into your home’s potential value. Usually within 2-3 days.  At that time, we will go over home’s anticipated sale price if sold as-is and the anticipated price if we work together to bring out it’s full potential.  We’ll go over repairs, de-cluttering, staging, budget, costing, timelines and what is a good investment of your time and money and what isn’t.  There is no point in spending $100 to make $100.  But if you can spend $100 and make a $1000….


After determining the action plan that’s right for you, we will begin to implement.  Within 48 hours you will receive your unique version of the now-famous Dianna Harper to-do list.  It will detail your part in your success story.  What needs to be packed up, cleaned up, moved, or hidden. Room-by-Room. Each item getting it’s own line so you get that wonderful sense of satisfaction crossing them off! After your list is complete or sometimes while you’re working on it, My support team gets to work!  Sometimes it might just be window washers or carpet cleaners.  Other times it may be full on renovation crew including painters, electricians and labourers.  Our approach is customized for what YOU need and we work as fast or as slowly as YOU need us to.  Once everything is completed, I showcase your home with furnishings, linens and decor accessories as required. During the entire process and right up until closing, we will be in constant communication.


When everything is perfect, your home is professionally photographed and then LAUNCHED on to the market.  It simultaneously appears on MLS,, 20+ Websites and Youtube. It is featured with colour photos in print advertising, feature sheets and an Agent Open House is held to ensure maximum exposure


Security is provided at all Open Houses that are open to the public to ensure the highest level of safety and security of your valuable possessions and home. Too often we read about theft and crime at Open Houses and I believe my clients deserve to expect better.


Many agents concentrate only on Sellers.  By continuing to work with a balance of both, I am kept up-to-the-minute with what Buyers are looking for, current market prices and what they will or will not pay extra for.  This translates to increase value for you. As an added bonus, I always have a private database of Buyers who often I can match up to your home even before we officially launch it.


After countless hours of specialized training on the subject and decades of experience, I am a well-seasoned negotiator. I will assist in negotiating your offer, acting as a mediator to head off potential conflicts between you and the seller, and draw up a legally binding agreement. Trust me when I say, there is more to argue about than price.


The transaction may be done, but that doesn't mean we are.  It is my goal for you to be my client for life. As a REALTOR® that works almost entirely by referral, I make it my mission for you to be so happy with the help that I provide you, that you can't wait to introduce me to my next client.  All clients are automatically enrolled in my Client Appreciation Program and I am always available to help you in any way I can, even years after the sale!


I am a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and only members of OREA can call themselves REALTORS®

When you work with me, you can expect not only strict adherence to provincial laws, but also adherence to a Code of Ethics. And that code is very important to you because it assures you will receive the highest level of service, honesty and integrity. Additionally, I carry Errors & Liability Insurance as well as Deposit Insurance so you are provided the maximum level of protection throughout your entire transaction.


Before receiving a real estate license in Ontario, candidates must successfully complete an extensive course of study developed by OREA on behalf of the Real Estate Council Ontario. Furthermore, in the first two years of practice, licensees are required to successfully complete three additional courses as part of an articling program with an experienced broker. Additionally,  all licensees must continue to attend courses throughout their careers in order to maintain their license. Above and beyond that, I have continued on to achieve my own Broker's registration as well as other designations that ensure I provide the highest level of duty and care possible to my clients.